Resources for Counselors/ Mentors

College Connections Newsletter

A newsletter for counselors and interested parents. The goal of the cIcu College Connections monthly newsletter will be to share information about:

  • College admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • New York’s 100+ independent (private, not-for-profit) colleges and universities in a “Featured Campuses” section
  • Notes about and links to recent research
  • Web addresses to interesting sites with information for you, your students, and their families
  • cIcu outreach activities and publications


Spring 2015 - Focuses on information and resources for students with disabilities, summer tasks for high school students, and college-bound students and social media. 

 Winter 2015 - Includes articles on FAFSA completion, summer programs at independent colleges and universities, and resources about paying for college.

Fall 2014 - Focuses on the 7th Annual Latino College Fair at Fordham University on November 22, 2014, Health education and careers, Tips to planning a financial aid event for students and families, and a grade-specific college preparation calendar for high school students.

Spring 2014 - Topics include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and careers, The College Board's new SAT, middle school and high school students on the path to college, summer programs for middle school and high school students at select private colleges and universities in New York State, resources for college-bound students, and a financial aid quiz.

Winter 2014 - Highlights Student Financial Aid Awareness Month, Latino College Expo on March 15, 2014, links to federal student aid social media, newly updated Affording College/Como pagar la universidad, HESC's High School Counselor newsletter, Financial Aid Toolkit, Advice for students on guarding their identity, and information about transfer and financial aid.


Finding the Right College 

Your College Search: 2016

Features: Campus Profiles of New York's 100+ private, not-for-profit colleges and universities, a Locator Map, and helpful websites. To search the academic programs available at New York's 100+ independent colleges and universities, click here. For a print version of academic degree programs, minors, and major areas of concentration offered by New York's 100+ private colleges and universities, click here.


Campus Locator Map: 2016



Features: Looking for the right college? This helpful map breaks down New York's 100+ private, independent colleges and universities by region with Web addresses and phone numbers.


Paying for College

Affording College 2016 | Cómo pagar la universidad 2016

Features: an overview of the financial aid process and descriptions of the major financial aid programs, plus a locator map containing contact information for the 100+ private colleges and universities in New York state.



Transitioning to College

College Quick Tips

A concise guide to managing your money and workload at college. Learn some helpful tips on keeping your college costs down, and your semester grades up!


College Quick Tips for Families Consejos Prácticos para la Universidad

 Features:information for families of college-bound students.


Transferring to College


Map-2-Transfer Manual

Information about Transfer into New York’s Independent Colleges and Universities 2016 



For Veterans and Active Duty Service Members



For Adult/Returning to College Transfers



For Community College or 2-Year College Students


Handbook of Best Practices

College Preparation and Success for Traditionally and Underrepresented and Non-Traditional Students 2013




Middle School Awareness Resources 

Making College Possible

Helpful tips on beginning the college search and college admission and financial aid resources.


Getting 2 College for Students

A publication to help middle school students and families start thinking about college.


Getting 2 College - A Guide for Families | Llegar a la Universidad - Una Guía para las Familias

A guide for middle school students and families with tips on paying for college, factors in the admission decision, NYS Regents Diploma requirements and a helpful timeline for college preparedness from middle to high school.


Paying for College/Como pagar la universidad

A one-page, concise guide for parents of middle-schoolers about saving and paying for college.


Middle School to College/Escuela intermedia hasta la universidad

A brief timeline of the path from middle school to postsecondary education.


Set the Bar High. Expect the Best/Establezcan metas altas. Esperen lo major

A quick guide on the importance of academics in middle school and its impact on high school and college success.


Enrichment, Access, and Opportunity Programs

New York's Private Colleges and Universities Outreach and Enrichment Programs for junior high and/or high school age students - 2016

Features: Learn about enrichment programs -- summer, semester, academic year, or special day-long activities for middle school and high school students offered at New York's 100+ private, independent colleges and universities!


Access and Opportunity Programs

Features: The listing of programs is a sample of programs at independent colleges and universities in New York that provide opportunities for access to higher education for students who have demonstrated high potential for a successful college experience but who may be from lower income circumstances and attending lower achieving high schools.


For a comparison of eligibility amoung CUNY, SUNY, and the Independent Sector's Opportunity Programs, click here.