Teachers College, Columbia University

Campus Description

Teachers College, Columbia University began a century ago with a radical mission of preparing a new kind of professional education. In the years since, it has been a leader in defining the work of educators. Our work at Teachers College today, as it was yesterday, is to create the programs, carry out the research, and develop the models that will guide educators and the institutions they serve. A third of our students are in teachers preparation programs. The rest are planning on careers in administration, policy, research, and teaching in fields ranging across education, health, and psychology. New York City offers our students a wealth of informed educational opportunities. Students can take advantage of the theaters, museums, conerts, lectures and discussion groups. The streets of Morningside Height are usually filled with residents, tourists, and students frequenting local restaurants, browsing through bookstores, and visiting historic sites.

Offers only Graduate (advanced) degrees

Box 302, 301 Thorndike Hall, 525 West 120th St., New York, NY 10027


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Degrees Offered

Master's (MA, MS, MEd), Doctorate (EdD, PhD)

Enrollment for Fall 2014

Undergraduate (Matriculated): 2,402 (Full-time: 396 men, 1,354 women; Part-time: 761 men, 2,402 women)

Campus Demographics

 Undergraduate StudentsGraduate Students
% Black / African American0%9.6%
% Asian0%11.3%
% Hispanic / Latino0%10.0%
% White, Non-Hispanic0%46.2%
% American Indian / Alaskan Native0%0.1%
% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander0%0.1%
% International / Nonresident Alien0%17.4%
% Two or more races0%3.1%

Tuition Information for 2014-2015

Admission/Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines (Same for Freshmen and Transfers): fall- December 15 for PhD and all psychology doctoral programs, April 1 for EdD, April 15 for Master's programs; spring- November 1

Financial Aid Deadlines

Application Requirements

Completed application form; personal statement; official transcripts; 2 letters of reference; resume; $65 fee.