HS Sophomores: College Timeline for High School

In the Fall

  • Meet with your school counselor early in the school year to make sure you’re taking the right classes to graduate and be ready for college. Most colleges require a full sequence of courses in the major subject areas (English, math, science, etc.). Also, ask for help in developing a list of colleges based on your interests. 
  • Get involved at your school and in your community. Most colleges will look at your participation in extracurricular activities when considering your college application.
  • Stay engaged in your classes and get extra help from your teacher, counselor, or others if you need it. 

In the Spring

  • Start thinking about your class schedule for next year.
  • Meet with your school counselor and talk about your college path. Be sure to bring a list of questions about college. Here are some suggestions:
    • What classes do I need to take to graduate? What classes should I take to be ready for college?
    • What elective classes should I take?
    • Would you recommend that I take any AP or honors courses?
    • How should I study for the SAT or the ACT? Does the school offer any help?
    • Can you help me develop a list of colleges to research based on my interests and the type of college I want to attend? (Use the worksheet on page 7 as a starting point.)
    • Do you have information about college fairs that I should attend?
  • Think about your summer plans and consider including an internship, job, volunteer position or summer academic program.